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Perhaps you’ve thought about going vegan for the health benefits, or you’re vegetarian but are worried that your diet will become too restrictive if you take it to the next level. Let me assure you that there are plenty of replacements for dairy, chocolate, cheese and all those other delicacy’s that you think you can’t live without.

Vegan Girl Nursing Chicken

All you need is someone to show you how.

Veganism is a healthy low-impact way of life, and most importantly for us, doesn't require any animals to be harmed by the food choices we make, or by the products we wear or buy to furnish our home. 

After being pure vegetarian for over 10 years my husband and I made the shift to veganism in early 2008 and have not looked back.

Our choice is a stand for animal rights, but also a conscious change of direction to live and let live. A lifestyle choice to not consume any products that were once the body parts of animals or purchase any products made from the skin or organs of animals. This not only benefits us, but benefits the planet as a whole and supports our choice to live consciously on this earth. 

Mahatma Gandhi famously said that the greatness of humanity is not in being human, but in being humane. This is the quality that we strive for in our every day life.

Sourcing Ethical Vegan Products

One of the difficulties I have come across over the years is finding quality products to support this choice, especially when living in a more rural location. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of cruelty free online suppliers out there and after many years of searching for suitable products, we are happy to share the best ones with you. We know how long it can take to research good quality products, so we’ve taken the hard work out of it to make it easier for you.

So whether you’re

  • A newbie - Welcome!
  • On the fence - We know you can do it, and are here to support you!
  • Just curious – We hope to give you all the information you’re looking for.
  • Or a long time vegan -  Namasté!

We aim to be your support, community and one-stop-shop for all things vegan. 

We look forward to sharing our loving, cruelty free lifestyle tips with you, but we would also love to hear from you. If you have any neat tips or awesome vegan products you would like to share, please get in touch with us through this website. The best tips and products will make it through to our monthly VBites newsletter to share with everyone.

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