Raw Vegan Diet

A raw vegan diet incorporates the beauty of the animal free vegan diet with its abundant health kick, but takes it to another level. It also excludes food that is cooked above 40°C (104°F). This diet is rich in fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, sprouts, plant oils, herbs and incredibly tasty raw juices all in their raw form.

smoothies and juices from a raw vegan diet

Why Choose a Raw Vegan Diet?

Raw Veganism is the new black. It is über popular for all the right reasons! The Raw vegan diet is incredibly healthy and is not only good for your body, but it is also for the other two aspects that make up the triangle of life: your mind and soul/spirit.

Many people choose to undertake a raw food detox diet for a period of anywhere between a couple of days to a month to cleanse the body of its’ impurities. It helps release toxins and also cleanse and heal the digestive system and organs, which can become intoxicated and congested due to years of abuse and wrong eating habits.

These toxins and congestion create disease, which can lead to more serious issues later on. Detoxing cleanses and clears the congestion and toxins from the body so that it can absorb more nutrients that will help the body to function better and ward of illness. Once the detox is complete the next step is to slowly re-introduce cooked and solid foods and gradually return to your normal diet, or a more healthy one consisting of more fruits and vegetables. It is recommended to cleanse periodically to keep the body healthy and functioning at its level best.

Obviously detoxing can be used as a means to lose weight, but it is also a lifestyle choice made by many people for its health benefits. For some the choice is made, after the diagnosis of a serious illness and they make conscious decision to fight it in a natural way rather than with drugs. Many elite athletes also follow a raw food diet for the sustained mental and physical stamina it provides as well as reduced recovery times.

Why Only Raw Foods?

The beauty of eating raw food is that you keep the essential nutrients and live enzymes, which are destroyed in the cooking process. The other thing that you avoid when eating raw is those nasty carcinogens released when cooking.

I know that you might be sitting there thinking, “Enzymes? What enzymes?” Well, enzymes are the 'life force' in foods and by destroying them in the cooking process, and eating a large amount of cooked foods we start to rob our bodies of these essential enzymes that are needed for digestion, fighting illness and general well being.

the beautiful glow of a raw food diet

A raw food diet, consists only of food in its raw state, or alternatively juiced or blended. These foods in their uncooked state are very high in vitamins, minerals and enzymes and are easily digested by the body.

Many who have trialled a raw vegan diet have shared their experience of great mental clarity after their body has adjusted to the shift from cooked foods. By eating raw you give your body the chance to do what it does best: heal itself.

Many patients with cancer or heart conditions caused by diets high in animal protein and saturated fats have been able to reverse their condition and add years onto their lives. 

Depending on your diet beforehand; particularly if you are a heavy meat eater, the cleansing reaction due to the amount of toxins present in the body can be worse than a person already on a vegan diet as the toxins present are far less.

If you are attempting a cleanse for the first time, there are ways of starting off your first cleanse that won’t give the body such a shock, so that you still cleanse, but not too heavily. When your body starts to cleanse and the detoxing starts to take place ie: the toxins are being released into the blood stream so that they can be eliminated, you can experience headaches, nausea, diarrhoea and other symptoms which are common to any detox and can last up to two weeks while the body cleanses and adjusts.

Using a specialized detox kit, that contains certain cleansing herbs, and also a clay and fiber blend can drastically reduce the cleansing period. The Bio Cleanse Organic Detox is one such kit.

Maintaining Balanced Nutrition

Maintaining balanced nutrition on a raw food diet is really easy as you get all of the essential nutrients you need in abundance.

When changing to a vegan diet or even a raw vegan diet there are usually concerns that you might not get enough protein, iron, vitamin D or vitamin B12. One of the biggies, is Vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 is a bacteria, which is produced by microorganisms inside the intestines. When we take antibiotics or consume antibiotic-containing foods such as onions, garlic, strong radishes and other foods rich in mustard oil we kill the precious intestinal flora. Once this flora is destroyed it is difficult to regain balance without expert guidance and dietary advice.

By focusing on correcting intestinal flora problems rather than taking vitamin B12 supplements we can solve the problem as apposed to putting a band aid on it. Many who think they are not getting enough vitamin B12 are actually not digesting, absorbing or assimilating their food properly because of the problem in their gastrointestinal tract. When the intestines heal, vitamin B12 can be utilized and produced by the body once again. The Bifodobacetrium strain of probiotics are responsible for producing B12 in the intestines. Supplementing with these strains can be beneficial, especially after doing a detox, since the colon is cleansed and ready for re-population.

If you have any current health concerns and would like to switch to a raw vegan diet, I urge you to get in touch with a health practitioner experienced in this area for the best advice.

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