Choosing Vegan Cheeses – Cream Cheeses and More..

vegan cheeses - a variety of lovely vegan foods

Here's my tips on finding vegan cheeses and some selected brands that I use in my cooking in everything from lasagne and pasta sauce to sandwiches and pizzas..

So yes, as a vegan you can still enjoy all of those lovely cheesey flavours and dishes without having to consume anything that contains dairy.

I will give you the brands that I know and trust, but please be careful, as there are some seemingly vegan friendly brands, which are far from it, so take your time in reading the labels before you buy.

Some brands to avoid are:

  • Soy Cheese  (contains casein)
  • Quorn (contains eggs and amino acids derived from animals)

If you don’t read your ingredients you will buy these brands thinking they’re vegan. Their products include animal ingredients, so please make sure you read those labels so that you aren’t caught out! And if you are, because truly sometimes you do read the label and you think it’s all fine and you get home, have a dig in and then someone else in your family reads the ingredients and asks you if you know that it contains eggs.

Shock, horror!

Fret not, you didn’t do it intentionally so don’t worry about it. It’s a good reminder to not get complacent and to make sure you take the time to read the ingredients one at a time. 

Like any new product you’ll want to try a few different brands until you find the one that has the taste and texture you like best.

Recommended Brands

There are a couple of varieties that are all readily available online as well as those that you will find in your supermarket. My favourites are:

You can use these cheeses on a variety of foods- sandwiches, baked potatoes, pizza’s, lasagna’s and other dishes as well as to create a creamy pasta sauce, or to grate onto other pasta dishes.

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