Vegan Clothing

After changing your diet your thoughts will now turn to personal items. Vegan clothing, accessories, personal products and shoes will be high on your list of things to purchase.

You don’t have to go in and throw your whole wardrobe out, unless you want a bit of a make-over, but you can start by purchasing your new clothes and accessories from vegan suppliers. This way you can gradually donate your non-vegan items to others. 

vegan clothing

Where Do I Start in Buying Cruelty Free Clothing and Accessories?

First of all you need to work out what items you have that you want to start replacing. We know, it can be difficult to know where to start, but starting is the most important thing..

Here’s a handy checklist which might contain some products that you had not yet considered.

  • Shoes – You no longer have to worry about looking like a dud because you have made the choice not to adorn your body with animal skin anymore. There are some top class companies out there that sell fabulous high heels, boots, sandals, hiking boots and running shoes that will make you look and feel like a million bucks! And believe me, when people find out that they are vegan their jaw will drop in amazement because they won't be able to tell the difference.

  • Clothing – Jumpers, t-shirts, smart tops and trousers

  • Jackets – faux fur, sheep free, and pleather jackets that are all still super stylish and most importantly warm for the winter season

  • Belts – non leather belts and accessories

  • Bags and wallets – stylish look and quality

  • Luggage, briefcases & laptop bags – Hardy and fashionable and can often be made from recycled rubber

  • Bedding – bamboo and organic cottons now offer alternatives to wool and down for bedding products

  • Kids Products – shoes clothing, backpacks and more

  • Babies – There are some really amazing baby nappies out there that don’t need to be thrown out after use. You just replace and wash the existing lining. They have come leaps and bounds with new technology for the little ones.

  • Pets – Accessories, food, treats and heaps more for your beloved furry friend!

  • Music – non leather guitar straps, nylon strings for violins or metal strings without catgut

  • Personal products – cosmetics, beauty products, soap, hair, hygiene and more are covered in our Beauty Section

  • Cleaning products – products for kitchen, laundry and general cleaning that are cruelty free and vegan

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