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Are you thinking about going vegan and want to know more about vegan nutrition and how to maintain a well balanced diet?

As vegans we naturally eat a healthy diet, but when you first crossover there are a few key questions that you might need answering. One of the biggest is about protein. I will cover this in greater detail later, but for now all you need to know is this: With balanced vegan nutrition your body will thrive and you will definitely notice the difference.

vegan nutrition

Through eating fresh fruits and vegetables and being introduced to some kick ass foods that are going to give your body the YEEHA! it’s been waiting for, you will get enough vegan nutrition to keep you healthy and strong.

The important thing that needs to be noted is that with any diet you need to adhere to balance. Although the foods you will be introduced to are amazing and will give you some awesome results, your diet needs to be balanced.

There are many people out there who have tried a vegan diet and because of not eating properly have gotten sick and ran back to eating meat claiming the vegan diet made them sick.

This is so not true. The only time you will get sick is if you are cleansing and getting rid of years of toxins and the other is if you are not eating correctly.

It is really vital that you eat all the good stuff and by good stuff I don't just mean cakes and biscuits although those are truly a sweet treat! Quality nutrition is key here. You will learn about lots of weird and wonderful herbs and products here that will kickstart your health and take you to new levels of vibrant living. Nutrition is a key word in the term vegan nutrition because most of the food we buy from our local grocery store is not as full of nutrition as you might believe. So it's about finding the good gear; the food that is packed with protein, vitamins and minerals.

We will guide you to the best products out there so that you can benefit from their deliciousness for body and soul. The other really important subject is elimination. It is vitally important to cleanse regularly or even fast for a day. Your body requires of you to give it the chance to heal itself and to reboot. Hand in hand with cleansing is regular exercise. Exercise is a major stress reliever and helps the body to eliminate toxins through it's biggest organ...the skin.

If you are combining good nutrition with regular exercise you will not only feel healthy, but you will be glowing.

A Varied and Healthy Diet

Here I will debunk the thoughts you have surrounding vegan nutrition and food.

Firstly vegan food is tasty! Yes, you heard me, tasty!

You will still enjoy all of your favourite meals; all you are doing is swapping the dead, lifeless animal ingredients for the live and vibrant vegan version. Foods like lasagne, burgers, casseroles, yoghurt, ice-cream, chocolate, pancakes, pizza, bangers and mash and cottage pie to name just a few of the dishes you know and love are still on the menu even after you have made the switch.

If that has your taste buds jammin’ then let your fingers do the tappin’ and head over to the recipe pages to feast your eyes on some delicious vegan recipe ideas.

Among the first questions anyone ever asks about the vegan diet is:  “So, where do you get your protein from?” The other questions that completes this first list of questions we get asked are whether we get enough iron, calcium and omega 3’s.

The answer is… yes.

Yes we do in greater abundance than many people actually realize. We have been trained from a very young age to adhere to the dietary standards set out by the government. You get your protein from meat and your calcium from milk and cheese.

Once you start doing your own research you will discover that these statements couldn’t be further from the truth if they tried.

  • Protein – several vegan foods are super foods for protein. Tofu, tempeh, beans, lentils and chick peas are all vegan staples that are high in protein. Spirulina is also high in protein and a perfect supplement to your diet. Most foods contain some protein, so this is an easy area to cover on a daily basis without having to spend time worrying about combining foods in a certain way.
  • Iron – many of the foods listed above also have good amounts of iron, as do all the dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, collard and chard. Dried seaweed is also a powerful source of iron. You can get these in packs from your local Healthfood store or a Chinese outlet. Throw in a little Vitamin C and you’ve got the ingredient that will help your body absorb the iron.
  • Omega 3’s – flaxseed and flaxseed oil are good sources of omega 3 fatty acids as are walnuts, tofu and soy beans.
  • Calcium – there are varied vegan foods that provide calcium. Bok Choy, Collard, Kale, Nori, Wakame, almonds, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, walnuts and blackstrap molasses. You can also get calcium from fortified products like soy milk and cereals. 

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