Vegan Pumpkin Soup

Soups are perfect for the colder months and vegan pumpkin soup is up there as one of easiest and most delicious autumn and winter soups.

If you’re in need of comfort food then soups are both hearty and filling and in most cases easy to prepare.

Soups can be used for quick and simple dinners or lunches, and this soup freezes well making it great to make in a big batch and store meal size portions in your freezer.

Vary To Suit Your Tastes

The pumpkin soup recipe here is the simple version which is also dairy free, but you can add ingredients that you like to adjust the flavour to your liking, or just to give it a twist for something different.

I know at different times I have added corn, tofu, potato and sweet potato, amongst other yummy ingredients to adjust the flavour and texture of pumpkin soup.

Other additions can include cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes, nutmeg, ginger, curry powder, roasted pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts, or other fresh herbs to garnish.

If you like a creamier soup, coconut milk can be added or the soup can be made with slightly less stock and the addition of some dairy free milk. Your other creamy option is to add some potato, with the starch from the potato working to thicken the soup while also adding creaminess.

Recipe for Vegan Pumpkin Soup


1kg of pumpkin – I choose Jap pumpkin as it is great for soups, but just about any pumpkin can be used

Snow pea spouts

2 tablespoons Massel vegetable stock

4 cups water or enough to cover the pumpkin

ingredients for vegan pumpkin soup


Remove the skin and roughly chop up the pumpkin.

Place into large saucepan with boiling water and add the stock, allow to cook for 20 minutes or until the pumpkin is cooked through.

If you prefer thicker soup you might want to pour out a bit of the water you cooked the pumpkin in.

Using a blender gradually puree the soup until it is nice and thick and without any lumps.

Serve with a handful of the snow pea sprouts as garnish, with crusty bread. Yum!

vegan pumpkin soup

Do you have a variation on your Pumpkin Soup that you’d like to share?
We’d love to hear from you, as there are so many variations out there.

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