More About Me & the Birth of VeganWise

My story begins really on a warm summers evening many moons ago, when I was but a young button. It was Monday night, and in our home, Monday night was spaghetti night – my absolute favourite night of the week. Ida quickly entered the room with our hot trays of food. I took mine and placed it on my lap, seeking out the feast that lay before me.


But tonight was different.

Tonight there was no feast on my lap, tonight I realized that there was a dead animal on my plate and I just simply couldn’t eat it.

The realization forced me to say the following out loud to my Dad.

“Daddy, do you mind if I become a vegetarian?” to which he replied, “Of course not, but why now?” To which I replied, “Well, there is an animal on my plate and I don’t want to eat animals anymore.”

And that was that.

The biggest turning point in my life and I have never looked back since.

Becoming a Vegan

Pretty much straight after that awakening I became a pure vegetarian which means no meat (beef, chicken, fish) or eggs or anything containing meat or eggs.

I followed this way of living for about 10 years until I realized that dairy cows suffer just as much as the cows who face slaughter. After that realization, I couldn’t consume dairy products at all so the switch to a vegan diet was a very natural progression for me. Once you awaken to the suffering that is taking place every day on your behalf all you want to do is put a stop to it, hop on the brakes, immediately.

Now, the first thing that changes when you become vegan is well…everything! Your whole lifestyle changes to embrace everything cruelty free. Now that you know that animals suffer regardless, you find out that not only do they suffer to be your meal, but they also suffer for your makeup, face products, body products, furniture, clothing and the list goes on.

So what do you do when all of a sudden the beautiful leather lounge suite you bought (and adored) before you turned vegan suddenly is the first thing you’d like to toss out of the window? Or that new leather handbag you bought a few weeks before on sale, would now prefer to pretend you never bought it in the first place? Or all the new L’Oreal products you spent a small fortune on and now just want to drop kick down the street?

Well, apart from rehousing them pretty quickly (mine ended up in the bin) you need to be able to replace them with other things you’ll love even more. And the problem I discovered was the following: “Where on earth do I go to find all the products I need?”

Well of course the first thing you do is spend an eternity on the internet trying to find half decent products that will do what the old products did and look good too.

Without someone guiding you or helping you, without someone who has been there and done that, bought the T-shirt, wore the T-shirt and is still rocking it; it is a pretty daunting task.

Well, enter VeganWise!

I wanted to create a home base for people of all walks of life, from every corner of the world. A place people could come to find quality vegan products that are all genuinely cruelty free; not just sporting a symbol. Here you will find vegan goodness to their hearts content. All under one roof – a happy, loving, welcome home away from home. Here is where I get to share my life with yours.

So welcome to VeganWise – may you shop to your hearts content and may each of you find your peace here.

    “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.”

    Dr. Seuss

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